For my day job, I own a company that prints T-shirts, signs and stickers. Something that gives me a lot of joy in youth ministry is getting to use my vocation to benefit my students. I keep a T-shirt printing press in my garage so once a year I can let my Bible study students print life group shirts. The shirt always has four elements:

  1. A cool design
  2. Every student and leaders’ name
  3. Our Bible verse for the year
  4. The year we printed the shirts

Here’s a picture of this year’s shirt design

You don’t need a printing press to do this project. You could easily do this with great results using iron-on paper to transfer the design onto the shirts. The fun is in your students doing the shirts themselves and having matching shirts unique to your group.

If you would like to customize this design for your own ministry, it’s available for download from the vym store (linked below).

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