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Volunteer Youth Ministry: A Roadmap For Effective Leadership

Something I’ve learned over the years is the need for having a ‘long view’ of youth ministry. To do that well, I need to be strategic about how and where I serve.

This book is full of stories, lessons, ideas and strategies that I have developed in my two decades as a youth ministry volunteer. I hope you will learn from my successes—and even from my failures! I know all youth workers (paid and volunteer) will enjoy it.

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My Heart Is Tricky

So I’m going back to California next week for a week. I planned this trip to see my old Life Group (Bible Study) boys. We’re like family. I’m very excited to see them. The truth is I’ve been struggling with my decisions this year. I moved to Atlanta because life was going downhill fast in…

Hamartia! is here!!!

Very excited to announce a NEW CURRICULUM! This is a project I wrote with the help of a former student who became my co-leader. What I’m most proud of about this curriculum is it’s not normal, dry or boring. We did our best to tackle a tough issue (sin) with innovation. We definitely met the…

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