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Volunteer Youth Ministry: A Roadmap For Effective Leadership

Something I’ve learned over the years is the need for having a ‘long view’ of youth ministry. To do that well, I need to be strategic about how and where I serve.

This book is full of stories, lessons, ideas and strategies that I have developed in my two decades as a youth ministry volunteer. I hope you will learn from my successes—and even from my failures! I know all youth workers (paid and volunteer) will enjoy it.

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0 to 10 in a Year

I’m starting youth ministry as a Jr High volunteer small group leader in a new church. I’ve got 25 years of experience and I’m ready to hit the ground running. This is going to be amazing! I’ve been partnered with 2 leaders, complete strangers. One is a 26-year-old new Christian, and the other is a…

The New Guy in Youth Ministry

Last Sunday I began serving in Transit (the Junior High Ministry at North Point Church). This is also the beginning of my 25th year in youth ministry (pats himself on the back). I was surprised by something that I think is worth passing on. In the past, having a co-leader meant having a former student…

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