About Us

Helping leaders be more effective
Our Vision Statement

We’re helping leaders be more effective.

It’s that simple. The “we’re” in the vision statement includes you. We’re a community of youth ministry leaders partnering together. 

How we implement that vision involves 3 elements:

  1. A whole lot of fun
  2. Some tough conversations
  3. Equipping leaders
FAQ: Can somebody join even if they’re paid staff? For sure!
A Whole Lot Of Fun

Youth ministry without fun is like a carnival without any rides. Who wants that? The same is true for VolunteerYouthMinistry.com (VYM). We have a blast working with students. It’s how we’re wired. We’re also super pumped about sharing ideas back and forth with you!

Here’s how that works: VYM is all about having a conversation, not being a magazine you read. There are two ways to do that…

1. Comment or ask questions on blog posts

We will respond, but we’d love for the community to join the conversation and respond, too. A great way to do that is to subscribe to the blog. You can do that by clicking here

2. Contribute material to the blog or resources to the store

Yeah, we would love for you to share what’s working great for you, or a painful lesson you learned. Have you created a resource that works perfectly in your setting? Don’t keep it to yourself. Let’s get it in the store so others can benefit from it and you can earn a little income (that you’ll probably spend on your students).

– Click here to submit a post for the blog

– Click here to submit a resource to be considered for the store

Some Tough Conversations
1. Are you struggling with a parent, student or in your role as a leader?

Let us be a sounding board. You can be anonymous on this if you need to be. You can email us or submit a blog post asking for help. Click here to go to the author page to see our email addresses.

2. Are you having a difficult time in your faith?

We’ve all been there. Talking through it and receiving encouragement and prayer is super helpful and sustaining through dark times. Let’s be there for each other. Click here to start the conversation. Click here if you would like to be a prayer partner for struggling leaders.

Equipping Leaders
1. You can trust what you read on this blog or buy from the store

Nothing you get here is based on theory. Anything you get from VYM was created in the youth ministry trenches by youth ministry leaders. It might not work “as is” in your setting, but it does work. If you have questions about a product, you can even email the author. All of them have contact information listed here.

2. Check out the Podcast

As I’m writing this paragraph, we have not started the podcast, yet. However, this will be a great resource for you to get weekly encouragement, training and have some fun. To have a successful podcast, we need your help. What questions would you like answered or topics covered? Let us know by clicking here.

3. Host or attend a training event

We want to come to your area and talk youth ministry! How cool would that be? We’re slowly and methodically working on scheduling training events for volunteers by volunteers. Let us know if you’d like us to come to your area. We’ll do our best to get there at some point. Click here to start the process.

4. Don't keep VYM a secret

The more people participating, the better. Please share this page with all of the youth ministry leaders you know. We want everybody to benefit. We’re even inviting youth pastors to join in. They’ll be better pastors if they can see what works for volunteers, what we think and how we struggle. We would also love to have their perspective.

Welcome to the community! We’re super glad you’re here. Don’t forget to subscribe to VYM so you’ll be in the conversation.


The VYM Team

Our VYM team members are all volunteer youth workers at Saddleback Church*. Dennis has been leading since 1999. Matt’s been leading since 2009. Alaina has been leading since 2008 (both on staff and as a volunteer). Nathan has been a volunteer youth worker, but is not currently leading. He makes our website look amazing, though!

*VolunteerYouthMinisry.com is not endorsed by or affiliated with Saddleback Church