Last year I finished my time at Saddleback Church’s high school ministry, and moved to Atlanta. From Atlanta, I felt a need to come back to Saddleback Church to help my “former” students through their senior year. That year just finished, so i am done “again”.

However, we’re in a pandemic. Church services are happening, but online. My plan for the summer is to hold my recent graduates hands (metaphorically) through the summer to help them plug into the College Ministry until they are able to do in person services again.

My boys lost so many senior rites of passage this year; Prom, Graduation Ceremony, Spring Break plans, etc. To make up for it, I did a huge graduation ceremony for our Life Group. We invited parents and siblings. We met on the outskirts of town where nobody would be concerned about a group of people gathering. It was such a great way to minister to the family and honor the graduates like they deserved to be honored.

What’s next? No idea. I’ve even been considering having somebody take over this blog. I still have energy for youth ministry, I just need to rethink it. I’m done at my current church (I think). I just need to figure out what comes next.