This is a picture of my Life Group co-leader. His name is Hector. If I had a son, I’d love for it to be him.

A few days ago Hector posted this picture on Instagram. I screenshotted the photo and made it the wallpaper on my phone. I did this kind of as a joke. I screenshotted it as my wallpaper and sent it to Hector for a laugh… but then I left it there.

For the last few days, every time I look at my phone, I see Hector’s photo and get a big smile on my face. I love this guy.

Today, seeing this photo gave me another idea. We’re starting Life Groups again in a couple of weeks. This year I am going to pick a student every few days to be the wallpaper on my phone.

The goals of this will be:
1. To make me smile
2. To help me think about each student.
3. To remind me to pray for each kid throughout the year.
4. To be able to send each student a screenshot of my wallpaper with his picture so he feels encouraged, knows I’m thinking about him and knows he’s being prayed for.

I’m sharing this with you so you might think about doing the same with your students.

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