Today in my quiet time, I stopped reading at 2 Timothy 3:5 because it was pretty convicting.

The verse: They will act religious, but they will reject the power that could make them godly. Stay away from people like that.

Wow! This verse is directed at people who are Christian in name only. They would wear a WWJD bracelet while showing no other sign of a commitment to biblical standards.

It hit me hard because we can all fall into this. Even as we serve as volunteer youth workers, we slide into the familiar. We get comfortable in our area of service. We go on autopilot. We join in the discussion that would crush the people being talked about if they knew what was being said.

We act religious, but we reject the power that could make us godly. I so want to be godly. I need to move out of the routine and seek that power. I’m writing this in hopes you’re with me.

I guess what really worked me over was the command to “Stay away from people like that!” Would God (or anybody else) ever have a reason to tell others to stay away from me? My passion is helping others know God. The thought of people being warned to stay away is a knife to the heart of everything I am. Far worse that that feeling of disappointing a parent as a kid rather than just being yelled at.

Yikes. Let’s stay plugged in. Let’s stay useable. Let’s not reject the power that could make us godly.