Valentine’s Day is the one day of the year that leaves most singles feeling left out, frustrated, disappointed in themselves, and a wave of other emotions. It’s easy to see this in adults as they throw “Singles Awareness” parties, or post rants on social media. However, I’ve seen it time and time again in high school students too. They stuff all of these feelings but deep inside they are longing for that romantic relationship to fill the God sized hole of identity in their heart.

Let me repeat that for you. They are longing for a romantic relationship that will fill the God sized hole of identity in their heart.

This is where we as volunteers step in. Today is centered around love and you and I both know that there is a deeper love than what the world is offering today. A love centered around our identity in God. It’s our role to step up our game today and show students that love and the joy that comes from it. It doesn’t matter if you are single, dating, or married, today is an important day to demonstrate and teach the students entrusted to you about what true love is. Remind them they are chosen sons and daughters of the king.

We’ve all heard John 3:16 a million times, but do our students really understand the depth of this verse? Today is a great day to remind them how deep, how wide, how high and how long the Father’s love for them truly is. Send them a text, a social media post, or better yet show up to group this week with a simple reminder of that love. Below are some different tools and ideas for you to use this week.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Here is the Microsoft Word file of the cards we make to save you time making your own – Jeremiah 31 3 verse cards