Saw this post over at Cory Lebovitz’s Blog about building a great volunteer youth ministry team. He’s got some tips that all youth ministries would do well to implement. I’m going to post a small snippet below. Head over to his blog to read the whole post.

The 4 Elements of a Great Volunteer Team are:

  • Investment in One-Another (Care) – When people feel known, cared for and appreciated they are freed up to accomplish great things together. Healthy care for your team is a responsibility for all, not just the leader. Do not just serve with the people on your team; get to know them. Learn the names of their spouse and kids; find out the pressures and passions they have outside of the team. When a team member misses a meeting or a service time, reach out and let them know you missed them. When people care for one another they will fight for one another.

Head over to his blog to read the whole post.

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