I was in my car a few minutes ago. As I turned off the engine the song, Good, Good Father came on. Even though it’s been way overplayed, that song still works for me. I absolutely love it as a great reminder of God’s nature and his undeniable love for me.

I decided I needed to sit, rest and just take the song in. Almost immediately, an alert lit up the screen on my phone. Now I’m in phone mode with the song playing in the background. About a minute in, I’ve missed a lot of the song.

I was a little bummed, but also had to laugh at myself. I was feeling kinda foolish that I had paused for a good reason, then allowed the moment to pass by and be missed. How many times do I (we) miss moments with God throughout the day because of our own version of ADD?

Just passing along a reminder that came across loud and clear to me today, let’s not miss the love of the Father because of distractions that aren’t worth our time in the moment.