As volunteer youth workers, we do our ministries a favor when we bring new ideas to the table. The caution here is to not expect our ideas to be adopted. However, if we don’t offer them, the ministry for sure won’t even consider them.

Today I decided I’m going to start challenging my students occasionally to follow through on the weekend messages. I’m going to do this by text message. Taking this a step further, I thought it would be a good idea if our High School Ministry sent out text message challenges to leaders each week so we could pass them on to students for them.

Here’s why I think this is a good idea:

  1. If the challenge comes from their Life Group leader, instead of the staff, it’s more personal
  2. Doing this draws volunteer leaders into a more central role in the ministry in the eyes of students
  3. The leaders who are relaying the messages will be more likely to become weekend leaders if we are challenging the students to take action
  4. Students will be more likely to attend weekend services when they are challenged by the weekend services

What solid ideas do you have that you could pass on to your youth ministry team? If they use them, great. If they alter them, then use the ideas, wonderful! If they don’t use them at all, at least we gave them the option. Maybe they’ll use them later. Way to be a team player!