I saw the movie Hidden Figures tonight. I highly recommend this movie not only for you to see personally, but to use for a movie night with your students. Here are 5 reasons I suggest this:

  1. While not a central theme of the movie, the Christianity of the main characters was definitely included in the movie. There also wasn’t any objectionable content in the movie (not even implied). This movie is very clean. It’s rated PG.
  2. The quality of the production and acting was excellent. I was pulled into the movie and easily believed what I saw. There weren’t any quirks or distracting aspects of the movie that kept me from being fully attentive to what was happening in the story.
  3. There was plenty of humor, a few awww moments and enough drama/suspense. There’s something for the fan of any movie genre-lover in the audience.
  4. The message will lead students and leaders to have a great perspective on a dark time in our nation’s history.
  5. This movie perfectly illustrates how we, as Christians, can be strategic about how we overcome obstacles with our values in tact. You can use clips from this movie in future lessons to drive home this point.
Watch the Trailer

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