I’m very thankful and honored Doug Fields wrote the foreword to my newly released book, Volunteer Youth Ministry, A Roadmap For Effective Leadership. I’m sharing it here to help my readers know what to expect when they download this ebook.


Dennis has been doing youth ministry for over 20 years, and for 10 of those years, I had the privilege of working alongside him and observing firsthand the principles you’ll soon read. I like Dennis a lot! He’s quirky, weird, loving, deep, playful, smart, and deeply caring for teenagers. He has been an amazing volunteer youth worker. His experience and passion for youth ministry presents itself throughout these pages in practical, easy-to-read wisdom. He has also filled this book with helpful bullet points that simplify how to put what he’s learned into action in your own setting. There’s some content that I couldn’t pull off because my personality is different than Dennis (and you might find that true for you too), but 90% of his ideas will work for anyone regardless of personality.

“Whether you’re a new volunteer or a seasoned veteran, you’ll learn something from Dennis’ words. I don’t write the foreword to many books, mostly because I don’t have the time to read them cover-to-cover… but this one grabbed me. I started to skim it but then caught myself saying, “Ohh, that’s good Dennis—that will be super helpful to the world of youth ministry.” I’m proud of the work he has done both in youth ministry and in writing this book. It made me excited to see what he releases next–keep your eye on this guy and open your heart to learn from someone who has been a great volunteer youth worker who has been dedicated to help others like you. You’ll be happy to have this helpful ebook in your library.

Keep learning and leading,
Doug Fields
Co-founder of Downloadyouthministry.com

Download the book here