Tonight’s lesson for Life Group is pretty simple. The curriculum wants students to discuss the importance of serving using a couple of examples in scripture that show Jesus serving.

I could teach this lesson with both hands tied behind my back… but that would be silly and odd.

I have 2 goals with tonight’s lesson:

1. I want the lesson to stick with them long after the night is over
2. I want students to actively engage with the lesson

I will meet both goal with one simple idea: I will pass my teaching notes out and have them take turns reading the verses and asking the questions. This is such a simple idea that many teachers would never consider because it makes them useless. I disagree. It shows they are wisely training students to be leaders while helping them catch the points of the lesson and making sure they are invested in the success of the group.

I rarely do this, but it’s one of many teaching styles I use to engage my students in learning God’s word and putting it into practice.