VYM Vision

We at VYM stacked hands on our vision today. It’s all about the conversation of the community and we want you to be part of it. As a group of volunteers, we’ve benefitted from sharing with each other what we’ve learned in youth ministry over the last several years. We don’t want to limit that to our little group. We are widening the circle to include the broader community of youth workers… including you. We want to learn from you and help you benefit from what we’ve learned.

Please visit our vision page to see what all of this means and how you as a youth worker can personally benefit from it.

Announcing the newly improved VYM

Welcome to the new, expanded and improved website. Super thankful for our new webmaster Nathan for his incredible talent and many hours making this happen.

We’re still not done! Here are some things we still have in the pipeline:

1. Podcast

2. New additional author (Matt Reynolds) will be joining the team soon

3. You – yes you! We would love posts from fellow youth workers. What’s working great for you? What are you learning? Let us help you help others.

Thank you for visiting. Please tell your youth ministry friends about us!

Pardon Our Dust

We’re making massive changes and expansions to VolunteerYouthMinistry.com. You’re getting a sneak peak at some great stuff that won’t be announced publicly for a few weeks. Between now and then, as we make the upgrades, please pardon the things that don’t yet work.

Thanks and Happy New Year!


My Day Job

Mission_Shirts_Logo I am a youth worker. However, to pay the bills and support missions, I print shirts and signs… and whatever else people ask me to do. A few weeks ago, a client I did a sign for asked for packaging materials so I put an order together for him.I have done youth ministry both as a volunteer and a full time youth pastor since 1994. I love that I can kind of freak my students out by telling them I’ve been doing this longer than they’ve been alive.

If you ever need to get clothing, banners, signs, etc printed, please contact me.

Here’s how you can contact and follow Mission Shirts:

Mission Shirts (and Signs)
@MissionShirts on Twitter
email: info@MissionShirtsOnline.com

… And We’re Back!!!

So what ever happened to VolunteerYouthMinistry.com??? It was going strong for 4 years and then just disappeared. Hackers got to it. Everything was lost and I haven’t had time to start it up again. I still don’t, but I’m going to give it my best shot.

Something to look forward to… during the time the blog has been gone, I’ve been writing a book for youth ministry volunteers. It’s been in process for over a year. I write when I’m not busy… which means I only have a couple of months a year where I can give it the attention it needs. I’ve passed the 100-page mark. My goal is to have 12 chapters of 12 pages. I’m hoping this will be a great resource for fellow volunteer youth workers.

Tons more to come. 🙂