Birthday Tradition For My Life Group

Repetition and caring builds positive memories. In their adult years, I want my Life Group students to look back on good times they had in high school and remember Life Group. One of the positive memories I create each year is by remembering their birthdays with the same dorky video of me making the same birthday chant. Every year each student gets a video like this by text message (click the play button on the image above). Memory made.

Transferable Principle: Memories we make for our students are breadcrumbs they can follow back to the cross when they find themselves struggling as adults.

Birthday Bash With My Life Group

I’m not great at celebrating each of the birthdays in my life group. Each year, to help make up for that, I throw a birthday party for my boys. This year, I planned a little mayhem on the side.

As volunteer youth workers, it’s important for us to have memory makers that will stay with the kids after they graduate. When they think back to high school days, I want them to connect the good times with life group and when they were challenged to grow closer to God. I’m very intentional about mixing in fun with teaching them how to live out God’s design for their lives.