This week is Spring Break for my student. Last week our Life Group boys asked us to plan a fun day for them. Something super cool and rare happened. Only 1 kid showed up. In a youth pastor Facebook group I’ve seen the question many times what to do when only 1 or 2 students show up. Here I was in that situation.

My co-leader and I decided to make him King For A Day and let him choose everything we did. It was one of the best youth ministry days we’ve had:

• Tristan (the student) had a blast
• He felt super cared for
• We got to know him super well

This was a major win. I love my other students, but I’m super happy they didn’t show up. I’d love to have a day like this with each of them. With 17 students in our “small” group, this is very difficult to do. However, I’m happy to have it when I can.

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