Birthday Bash With My Life Group

I’m not great at celebrating each of the birthdays in my life group. Each year, to help make up for that, I throw a birthday party for my boys. This year, I planned a little mayhem on the side.

As volunteer youth workers, it’s important for us to have memory makers that will stay with the kids after they graduate. When they think back to high school days, I want them to connect the good times with life group and when they were challenged to grow closer to God. I’m very intentional about mixing in fun with teaching them how to live out God’s design for their lives.

Cinnamon Roll Waffles

Here’s a fun dessert I did with my Life Group students last week. It’s super easy and they can each do their own pretty quickly.

1. Buy as many canisters of cinnamon rolls as you will need
2. Have them put the cinnamon rolls uncooked into a waffle maker. You’ll want to spray cooking spray before putting them in even if you have a non-stick waffle maker
3. When the ready light appears, they’re ready
4. Have them put them in a bowl and top with icing, ice cream and whipped cream. Other great toppings include nuts, chocolate chips and cherries. If they’re making their own, they can decide what they want.
5. Take pictures and post them on Facebook or Instagram. It’ll be a great commercial for your ministry.

Cinnamon Roll Waffles